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The Japanese industrial products stand out with amount of production and the high quality in the world.
Naturally the scrap occurring from a factory producing them can become the high-grade scrap in good quality again.
ToyoTrading performs more quality control for such a high-quality scrap and secures quantity of stable export.


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Used desktop computer,notebook computer,used bicycle,used game machine copper, brass, wire harness We send photographs of our stock immediately.
Please choose the materials you need from them.
The selection of trustworthy supplier becomes the big forked road for the business talk success because you make a deal with an invisible supplier.
We hope that you choose us as a wise choice.
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Nonferrous metal Used goods boat
Image metal Image boat
We export the nonferrous metal scrap of the high quality which occurred in Japan,
We export 3,000 tons or more now in a month, but we gather scrap to accept the
demand that a foreign buyer needs with the goal of 5,000 tons.
We can accept the container transportation also.
Overseas buyer who is looking for a used goods boat made in Japan
We offer relief and service based on the sale results we got in Taiwan and Korea.
Please choose the used good boats which you like among the next address.
You would be able to surely find a favorite used boat from much stock.
As for the customs and the arrangement of the transport, leave it to us.


PresidentShohei Tahira
Paid Capital (JPY)10,000,000
Annual turnoverJPY 7,800,000,000, 2015
Date of EstablishmentNovember 18, 2009
Telephone numberTel:+81-(0)75-874-6673 / Fax:+81-(0)75-874-6601
BusinessExport and sales of iron and non-ferrous metals
BankResona Bank branch Shimamoto